To meet this ambitious goal, we must focus on the following Cornerstones for Success:


Provide career awareness for all students and adults:

All individuals need access to high quality, reliable information to make decisions about their education and their career. This information is being provided by high schools, colleges, community organizations and libraries through the state's Career Connections network. 


Grow high school/college partnerships:

These partnerships provide students an opportunity to earn a credential and college credit while in high school and can assist students to transition to college. 


Expand credit-bearing credential programs in colleges and universities:

These programs help students get on a pathway to a college degree while obtaining industry-valued skills. The state’s STEM Pathways Nework, Talent Networks and Talent Development Centers are working with colleges and universities to expand these programs.


Strengthen two- and four-year college partnerships:

These efforts create pathways to a four-year degree while increasing access and affordability. A statewide transfer articulation agreement, reverse transfer agreements and new, innovating connections are all critical to this effort.


Enhances commitment to equity: 

Recognizing the rich diversity of our population, we will identify the gaps in opportunity and attainment, expand best practices to close equity gaps, and strengthen the role of higher education through New Jersey's Coalition of Anchor Institutions and Coalition for Excellence and Equity in Education. 


Make it easier for adults to earn a credential or degree: 

The state is expanding the use of Prior Learning Assessments and competency-based assessment and building partnerships with the military. These efforts will help more adults obtain college credit for work and experience and ultimately help them to earn a credential or degree. 


Expand work experience programs for students.

Internships, apprenticeships, structured learning experiences, and mentoring all provide an opportunity for students to learn valuable skills on the job while helping to inform their career decisions. The state’s Many Paths, One Future Internship program is helping businesses hire paid-interns. Service-learning opportunities with Campus Compact are helping students obtain valuable experience.


Enhance the partnerships between business and education:

Employers play an essential role by informing curriculum and instruction and assisting colleges and universities to be real-time responsive to changing demands.